We provide "backdoor" trash and recycling removal services. "Backdoor" basically means, don't put your containers at the curb for collection. You can keep your containers in front of your garage, off to the side of the driveway, behind your hedges or even inside your garage. We only ask that the items on or near your containers are intended for removal. Our interpretation of trash may not be the same as yours. We cannot be held responsible to replace missing items near the trash or recycling bins.

You may use your own containers for your trash and recycling or we can provide you with ours. There is no cost difference either way.

Our standard service rate is $45 per month, billed 3 months at a time. This rate is a unified fee which includes weekly trash and recycling removal. There are no taxes, surcharges or fees.

Additional items such as appliances, furniture, one time clean-ups and other miscellaneous items can be hauled away for an additional fee. Feel free to put bulk items out along with your trash on your normal collection day and we will add the fee to your next invoice, or call ahead to get an idea of the cost.

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